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Letter: Debacle in Snowmass

Dan MacEachen, in your next life I hope you come back as one of your own working dogs. Starving to death cannot be a nice way to go. Dying of hypothermia cannot be a nice way to go. Stuart must be turning in his grave.

I worked in the kennels for half a season and witnessed first-hand that you are not a very nice person, period. As for you Mayor Boineau, you should be ashamed of yourself. You were elected by the people to represent the people, yet when those people show up in force to voice their concerns you refuse to listen to them, so how can you possibly represent them. Reminds me of President Putin. This abuse of these dogs has gone on too long; it has been over 20 years since you hit that bitch so hard you broke her orbital socket and blinded her in one eye. Euthanizing these animals and then throwing the carcass into the “s— pit” doesn’t show any respect for these wonderful athletes, they deserve more dignity than that after a life generating so much joy for so many people.

Martin Suthren


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