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Letter: DA’s remarks showed lack of respect

DA’s remarks showed lack of respect

On Nov. 26, The Aspen Times reported in its article “Troubled times at the DA’s office?” that District Attorney Sherry Caloia compared defense attorneys’ bargaining tactics to Jewish stereotypes when discussing plea negotiations. The Anti-Defamation League finds the report and the allegations very troubling. The slur that Caloia is alleged to have made calls to mind ancient canards about Jewish greed and dishonest business practices that have played a major role in supporting anti-Semitism for thousands of years. They are an affront not only to Jews but to all of us who strive for respectful, inclusive communities.

Furthermore, Caloia’s reported apology fell short. Someone who holds the solemn responsibilities of a district attorney should certainly do everything she can to avoid using expressions that reflect prejudice and potential bias.

Scott Levin

Regional director, Anti-Defamation League


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