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Letter: Criticism isn’t an insult

In defining the differences between himself and Greg Poschman, Scott Writer stated that Greg had insulted the members of the Open Space and Trails board. If Greg did that, I apparently missed it. I did read where Greg questioned the “mission creep” of Open Space and Trails, and also offered a few other constructive criticisms and potential areas of improvement for the board. I didn’t see any suggestions for improvement from Scott in response to the question posed by the newspaper. I don’t think that suggestions for improvement are the same thing as insults, and I do believe that the primary purpose of Open Space and Trails should remain heavily weighted in favor of acquisitions. I’ve never yet voted against funding for Open Space and Trails, but I am not happy with their proposal to go from allowing 15 percent to allowing 35 percent of their budget for things other than acquiring land and conservation easements. Funding does not expire until 2020 — perhaps we should deny renewing it this year and let them come back with a proposal that keeps the budget emphasis where it belongs.

Jennifer Long


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