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Letter: Continued Doctors Without Borders recklessness

Continued Doctors Without Borders recklessness

I want to thank Frank Peters for putting the Roaring Fork Valley community in danger. Once again a Doctors without Borders worker has used poor judgement by re-entering the United States without being quarantined for 21 days for potentially being infected with Ebola while in the infected country of Africa. While we all would applaud anyone who puts their life at risk to save others, we should denounce anyone such as this man who would possibly bring such a potential threat to our community. What a great article this would have been to read that you had spent 21 days in quarantine before you returned to Aspen. Making statements such as “I’m going to stick pretty close to home” and “I’m using ordinary good judgement” shows your ignorance and total disregard for this community. And your wife who is in constant contact with you? Will she be sort of quarantined as well? New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines released on Oct. 27 state that “brief proximity” or “being in the same room for a brief period of time” now constitutes enough of a risk factor for consideration of mandatory quarantine. In closing, thanks again for being so reckless. And for showing such blatant disregard for our community.

Rod Peeler

Snowmass Village

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