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Letter: Consider the valley

I lived in Santa Barbara, California, before moving here. The local joke was that Santa Barbara was for the newly wed and the nearly dead. The old folks voted down grotesque changes and the town remains a pretty place.

I’ve never met anyone here moronic enough to oppose all change like freezing a bug in amber. There is change, and change. Let’s not turn this discussion into a generation thing because it isn’t. The older voters have seen what bad choices motivated by greed, desire for instant gratification and/or refusal to see the big picture can reek on a humane environment, here and elsewhere.

There are developers and developers. I don’t understand why what’s left of a pleasant, vibrant environment can’t attract opportunities for the young, enabling them to settle here and raise families if people put their heads together with this agenda in mind. That’s a boat local government would have to get on along with the incredibly rich resources living in this valley. What would happen if we started thinking valley instead of town?

Pat Milligan


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