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Letter: Columnist misfires

Columnist misfires

While I appreciate Doug Allen’s column on Krabloonik (Oct. 11, Aspen Daily News), he misrepresented me and I would like to correct him. I, personally, have never asked — nor would I ever ask — the public to “put (their) outrage on hold” over Krabloonik.

In 2011 while negotiating with the then-new manager, Guy Courtney, for better treatment of the dogs, I did send a letter to the editor thanking Guy and Dan for making some improvements after being told they were, and in hopes of encouraging them to continue to do so. They did not follow through and I never again complimented the facility or them personally.

Let me be clear. I believe the animals at Krabloonik are neglected, are not being socialized or given medical treatment as they should be and that abuse has occurred and continues to occur at the facility. The dogs’ living conditions are absolutely abhorrent and inhumane. Snowmass Village officials need to address the abuse.

I have spent many hours working, and will continue to work, for sweeping changes at Krabloonik.

Anne Gurchick


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