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Letter: Clapper would stand up for Pitkin’s rural values

These county elections are theoretically nonpartisan; however, today there is no such thing.

A man’s values play a role in all he does, and so I question how anyone who can support the current GOP agenda, which includes candidates who simply do not know how to take a stand or take appalling ones — like U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, who appears to do both — and a party that could imagine supporting “Personhood Amendment” would be a candidate I would endorse.

Rob Ittner has the backing of the local GOP and he is a declared Republican.

Patti Clapper did a fine job when last a commissioner. She is passionate about smart, sustainable growth and a supporter of small town and rural character. I believe she would stand up for these values wherever possible, and try and stop the more atrocious projects from happening again and again, whether in the Maroon Creek Valley or rural and remote areas like Thompson Divide and elsewhere.

Phyllis J. Bronson


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