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Letter: Campaign lies abound in Basalt

I am thinking that perhaps the Basalt schools should begin teaching the children of Basalt that when you want to win, just lie, cheat and throw tantrums till you get your way.

The Pan and Fork bond question 2F lost due to the opposition having flooded the media with absolute false inflated cost statements designed to scare voters to vote “no.” One flier circulated townwide said in a bolded sentence that the cost of passing 2F and 2G would be $15 million, when the real cost would have been closer to $5 million with anticipated credits applied!

Had just one in 25 of the lied to, scared and deceived voters who voted “no” had instead voted “yes,” the bond issue would have passed. Had it passed, Basalt would be in control of its destiny for what would have been the equivalent to less than a one-year tax extension at the current rates when all the anticipated net credits were factored in.

What do you all think? Should the Basalt schools start teaching the children these skills on how to win? We should either start teaching kids to lie or else enforce truth in our local elections.

Mark Kwiecienski


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