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Letter: Calling out Emmer

Calling out Emmer

In his grossly misinformed rant against science (“Money shouldn’t be spent on beliefs,” letters, Jan. 6, The Aspen Times), Maurice Emmer directs readers to a report produced by the Heartland Institute, a propaganda machine funded by fossil fuel and tobacco interests. The report is not

peer reviewed, and its lead author, Fred Singer, is best known for arguing that tobacco smoke doesn’t cause cancer. None of Singer’s fellow authors are climatologists (one is a geographer), and all are paid handsomely by Heartland. Compare this to a recent study of almost 14,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers on climate, showing that of that number, two tenths of 1 percent reject global warming.

And yet Emmer calls established climate science a “belief.” A good look in the mirror is in order, harrowing though it may be.

Auden Schendler


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