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Letter: Buttermilk does it best

Buttermilk does it best

I read once that the editorial page is the most widely-read part of the newspaper. So with that, I’m hoping that someone from the Buttermilk Ski Patrol sees this letter. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all the members of the Buttermilk Ski Patrol. Their unparalleled courtesy to me and my 3-year-old on a tough afternoon went far and beyond the call of duty. Recently, on the last run of the day, my son Colton fell asleep on the Summit Express chairlift. At the top of the mountain, in the snow, he decided to take a nap and wouldn’t move a muscle. Any other day, I would have cherished an afternoon nap. On this day, however, at the top of Buttermilk with the cold becoming more intense, I was less than enthusiastic. Someone from ski patrol saw my dilemma and rushed over to help. Within minutes, Colton was sipping hot chocolate, petting Zara, the mountain rescue dog, and being fawned over by the amazing team. As if that weren’t enough, Joe took Colton down the mountain on his snowmobile. It was a wonderful end to a great day on the mountain. I’ve skied many places and there is no place like Colorado, no place like Buttermilk and no team better than the Buttermilk Ski Patrol.

Kristen Holtzman


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