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Letter: Bus disservice

On Friday, we were waiting at the Holland Hills bus stop for the local 10:11 p.m. bus to El Jebel. There were three of us. The rapid-transit bus came by, and then, about three minutes later, the local came. It didn’t even slow down. The bus stop was brightly lit, and we were waving the paddle.

This caused major inconvenience. The bus comes only once every half hour, so it was necessary to wait for the 10:41 p.m. I called the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, which was not at all helpful. This is an expensive and infrequent service, and RFTA refused to acknowledge the inconvenience or even offer to find out why the bus driver chose to ignore us. Eventually the dispatcher offered a “sorry,” but at first he said that a local was not scheduled, although all three of us watched it speed past us! I had to read him the schedule posted at the bus stop before he agreed there was one scheduled at 10:11 p.m.

One of us was visiting and trying to get back to the Elements hotel in Willits to pack for the first flight out of Aspen on Saturday morning. Lift your game, RFTA — this is just not good enough.

Bronwyn Anglin


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