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Letter: Budget talk for the Building Department

On Wednesday, I attended the Pitkin County Building Department public meeting, admirably given by chief building official Brian Pawl.

A bunch of interested, well-spoken building-industry guys showed up, listened, asked questions, spoke and paid strict attention to Pawl, who was well-prepared and addressed the arising and waning audience concerns.

The meeting’s central discussion was around the changeover to a 2.5 percent flat building fee on all housing-project valuations, from chump-change houses to multimillion-dollar mansions.

The 2.5 percent will cover and fund the Building Department’s total annual budget, so the county agency will be self-sufficient moneywise. It is to operate in the way an enterprise fund does. The conversion is from municipal accounting thinking and procedures to financial accounting logic and methods.

At Wednesday’s Pitkin Board County of Commissioners session, I suggested that the board let Pawl present his discussion to the bankers and the accounting-firm honchos in the counties of Pitkin, Eagle and Garfield. You see, many of their clients and funds are dependent upon and locked in Pitkin County building projects.

What Pawl’s Building Department does is essential and pivotal to this region’s economic geography and economy; don’t you agree?

Bankers and certified public accountants, would you please telephone or email Pitkin County Manager Jon Peacock to let Pawl talk to you as he recently did to contractors, architects, developers, energy consultants and the general public? Let’s be prudent.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen

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