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Letter: Brewery better for politicians

Brewery better for politicians

The decision by the City Council to turn the Old Power House into a brewery versus an exploratorium-type science center is a “no-brainer,” literally.

With alcohol-related deaths standing at about 1 in 10 among working-age Americans and a total of about 88,000 Americans dying of alcohol-related deaths a year, who wouldn’t choose another much-needed restaurant/alcohol dispensary for Aspen versus, say, an institution that would help address our ranking of 36th in child education worldwide? Let’s ask ourselves what is preferable to a politician: a happy, drunk constituent or an 8-year-old who is smarter than the politicians are?

As an aside, I would point out that this puts the council and the city in the position of being landlord to a second restaurant/bar. At what point does this become a conflict of interest with other restaurants and bars in


Marco Diaz


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