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Letter: Boulder needs our help

Boulder needs our help

Kind and generous hearted people of the Roaring Fork Valley, our brothers and sisters are bleeding. I am not certain as to why Boulder, Colo.’s needs are no longer a priority on the news or in most people’s consciousness, but the truth is our people are devastated and they need our help.

Personally, I believe that tragedies are opportunities for humanity to come together and to make a difference in the lives of others. I believe this is a call to arms. If you are able, get down there. If not, send whatever you can in the form of clothes, food, and/or financial assistance.

We have choices every day of our lives and in big and small ways of late, these choices are around our consciousness, our spirits, our hearts and our capacities to love.

I believe these are the choices that truly matter. Please do what I know this amazing community can do and lift the hearts and spirits of our “family” who is suffering. This organization is gorgeous. Contact them today at http://boulderfloodrelief.org/.

Hillary K. Maley


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