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Letter: Both park, development for Basalt

On behalf of the Basalt Pan and Fork Park citizens’ committee, a big thank-you to all who came to the first community bonfire Sunday evening for s’mores, hot cocoa and conversation.

Our citizens’ committee aims to encourage the town of Basalt to purchase the Community Development Corp. parcel along Two Rivers Road and dedicate 1.8 acres to park and open space while allowing for a half-acre footprint of development. We believe this will create a legacy river park in the heart of Basalt while encouraging appropriate development and density in and around other downtown parcels. We are taking the step of petitioning the Town Council in order to bring this vision to a vote of the people.

Please join us in signing the petitions to show your support for moving the Our Town planning process forward. Committee members will be canvassing neighborhoods this week, and petitions are available to sign at Cafe Bernard every day from 8 to 10 a.m. Thank you.

Cathy Click


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