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Letter: Bettis is the right choice

Bettis has the ability

I have lived in Eagle County for 15 years and have known Kara Bettis for more than 10 years. I feel the need to write a letter based on the issues that are being thrown about during this year’s coroner election. In my opinion, the most compelling parts of the coroner job are: 1. Establishing the manner of death and 2. Assisting families. I appreciate a coroner who is resilient enough to handle the painstaking details of that position yet respectful enough to not blast me for tissue and organ donations in the horrific event I lose a loved one (especially when not all deaths result in possible donation scenarios). Further, I would want anyone who has to deal with a loss to have the benefit of a coroner with the 12 years of experience and knowledge that Kara Bettis delivers. Eagle County should be honored to have such a strong, committed and caring person for our coroner. Kara Bettis truly cares for this community and I believe she has the tact, the dedication and the overwhelming ability to be the only choice for coroner this election. I urge you to research Kara’s record. I am confident your decision will also be Kara Bettis for coroner.

Amy VanGoey


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