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Letter: Bert, Torre and yes

Please support Bert Myrin for City Council and Torre for mayor in this coming election. Over the years, Bert and Torre have shown unwavering commitment to preservation of our open space, environment and small-town character while balancing growth.

Please also support Referendum 1. It’s not the scary, chaotic referendum that its opponents portray: we are not going to be running to the polls every other week to vote on some developer’s elevator shaft. Instead, I believe a developer will simply stay within the code. Now, council will not be distracted by hours of variance negotiations but can focus on their No. 1 obligation: overseeing the city manager and how taxpayers’ monies are spent. This additional time given to the council should help prevent some of the embarrassing fiascos we have endured: parking gate, the hydro debacle, 10s of millions on Burlingame cost overruns and vastly over paying for BMC West (to name just a few). We are not tying the council’s hand by moving forth with Referendum 1, but untying their time.

Yasmine de Pagter


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