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Letter: Believe in Basalt

Believe in Basalt

The Basalt we can really be proud of? Do you mean the Basalt before the economic downfall? The one with a slum trailer park blocking our access to the river for nearly 50 years? The darling of the midvalley that was able to attract a national food chain that became the economic driver of the town? The one that The New York Times hailed as “the next greatest place”? The one near-commercial collapse with a huge part of our Treasury donated to the development in Willits and the one for which hundreds of its residents participated in a yearlong, exhaustive planning process that is seemingly ignored by a portion of its Town Council and apparently by a few residents who were AWOL during the process? Oh, that one! It’s also the one where its residents and stakeholders come from all walks of life — even architects and developers and real estate companies. We’re the same people who love this town and respect its history and are excited with the prospect that some — in their right minds — would believe in us as a community and stake their fortunes here to help restore our commercial center and deliver a beautiful, walkable, charming, historic commercial core of which we and our visitors can all be proud.

Steve Chase


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