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Letter: Be dog-sponsible

Another winter is here, and our dogs love to get out and play with us! Golf courses are open to dog walkers with Bernese Boulevard and Labrador Lane. Aspen Skiing Co. allows dogs on some of its hills during non-operational hours (before opening and after closing), and let’s not forget Smuggler and T-Lazy-7 Ranch. We and our dogs are a lucky group, but let’s remember our responsibilities — keep your dogs under control, and pick up any messes they might leave! Here are some thoughtful ideas from a few dog-loving enthusiasts:

Be prepared to watch your dog as soon as you let them out of the car. Many dogs will defecate in the first two to 10 minutes of your walk.

Make sure you are keeping your dogs under control. Use a buzz collar if necessary, as many folks don’t like to be barked at and our wildlife deserves not to be chased or stressed.

Have cleanup bags in your pocket. We can keep the environment both clean and healthy for other patrons.

Thank you to all of the associations and businesses that make these off-leash dog walks possible. It is truly a joy to watch our dogs play and run! And if you see us leaving a mess, or making life uncomfortable, please just say “hi” and ask us to do our duty as dog owners!

Katie Ertl


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