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Letter: Be a Buddy

My husband and I have been mentors in the Buddy Program since 1998. Each pairing, including our current with twins Mayda and Lluvia C., have enriched our lives.

Mentoring in the Buddy Program goes beyond its definition. A bonding, lasting relationship is created and nurtured over time. The mentoring creates a circle of trust around the Little Buddy that positively affects their social and emotional development, academics and relationships with family and friends. The intrinsic rewards outweigh the time invested.

Enrich the life of a deserving child in the Roaring Fork Valley. Enrich your own life by becoming a mentor in the Buddy Program. The Buddy Program is hosting its Mentor and Mingle event at BB’s Kitchen from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Thursday. The community is invited to learn more about volunteering as a mentor in the Buddy Program. Refreshments will be provided!

Lisa Amador DiMento

El Jebel

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