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Letter: Balko right choice for hospital

I would like to express my support for Dr. Gregory Balko for election to the Aspen Valley Hospital Board of Directors. Balko and I have worked collaboratively over the past 17 years at Aspen Valley Hospital. As a fellow physician, I have found him to be thoughtful, compassionate and a strong patient advocate. As a hospital leader, I have found him to be honest, ethical and always acting with the best interest of the patients and hospital staff in mind.

Aspen Valley Hospital faces a number of challenges and opportunities in the near future. These include the search for a new CEO, completion of the master facilities plan and navigating the ever-changing landscape of health care delivery in this country. Physicians have an intimate and unique knowledge and understanding of these issues. I feel it is imperative to have physician representation at the level of the hospital board.

Dr. Balko has demonstrated his commitment to the hospital and its community with his years of service, both as a physician and a former board member. I encourage you to vote for Balko in this upcoming election.

David J. Borchers

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