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Letter: Bad use of money

I read with great interest Sunday’s article about the numbers surrounding Food & Wine weekend (“Food & Wine Classic in Aspen: By the numbers,” The Aspen Times, June 26). However, I question the planet the writers were on when it was written, “One week after the final Grand Tasting, there is almost no trace of the event.” It seems apparent that the writers haven’t seen Wagner Park! The park is a disgrace without sod and brown grass. Granted I did read that Food & Wine did contribute $30,000 for sod replacement, but really after all the money spent on irrigation, sod and re-sodding and now partial re-sodding, this money could be better spent on deed-restricted (less than $500,000) and employee housing!

It won’t be long now when businesses will have to close because good workers cannot afford to live in Aspen. The money spent on the park is ludicrous!

Leary O’Gorman


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