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Letter: Aspen’s next housing project

Centennial was one of Aspen’s first employee-housing projects. Much has been learned over the ensuing years. Rather than arguing about who should fix the problems, we would be wise to view it as a huge redevelopment opportunity. Trust me, it would be great! The large parking area to the north side of the project could be consolidated with a parking garage, freeing up valuable land for additional units. Once these units were completed, excited homeowners could be moved into them via a 1031 exchange, and the units they currently occupy could be razed and replaced with new, structurally sound buildings. This process could be repeated until all buildings were replaced. The end result would be more better-quality employee-housing units. Once Burlingame is completed, this should be the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority’s next major housing project. Oh, and of course we will get Mexico to pay for it!

Marshall Hall


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