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Letter: Aspen Science Center fosters learning

Aspen Science Center fosters learning

Since so many of the crucial issues of our time revolve around science and will depend upon science for solution, it is crucial for all of us to have a greater understanding of science. What is a theory? What is a proof? What is a reasonable basis for action?

We need to know.

I believe our schools do their utmost to give the valley’s young people a grounding in science, but it is not enough. Public schools face daunting restrictions in time, money and space. There is no possibility that even as fine a district as Aspen’s could create and staff something such as what the Aspen Science Center proposes. An interactive science center for all ages, and especially for adults — education emphatically does not end with a high school or even a college diploma — will be a wonderful addition to Aspen.

As worthy as are all the submissions, the Aspen Science Center is the one that does not now exist and that should exist.

Alan Fletcher

President and CEO

Aspen Music Festival and School

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