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Letter: Aspen needs more hotel development

Aspen needs more hotel development

Dear Aspen Times and Mayor Steven Skadron,

In response to Margaret Dewolf’s letter named “Hotel redevelopment out of character with neighborhood” (Feb. 19, The Aspen Times) Margaret mentioned that the project presented “oversized, neighborhood unfriendly condos …” However, the recent proposal included adding gable/peaked rooftops as well as in the continuation which occurred Feb. 25, when City Councilman Dwayne Romero suggested lowering the height to two stories instead of three. From a broader spectrum, I believe that the development of the Hotel Aspen would be quite beneficial to the city. Aspen is a tourist-dependent economy, as well as places such as Vail and Tahoe. The truth of the matter is that they are willing to upgrade so the tourists want to go to resorts/locations where there are bigger and better places to stay. Our hotels and lodging need to group together and work on development projects or Aspen will “fall” due to lack of tourism.

I have personal experience with this because my father is the general manager at the Sky Hotel, and I have followed this matter with deep interest. I spend a lot of time in Aspen and love the skiing, hiking and biking, so I would be disappointed to see it go. The time for development is now!

I hope this information and view will strike interest in the Aspen community and see that the time to act is now and that we cannot stall with petty complaints.

Malik Enloe, 12


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