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Letter: Aspen needs a place for dogs to run free

Aspen needs a place for dogs to run free

My name is Emma Dominguez and I am 13 years old. I have a dog that is 9 months old and like a lot of other dog owners, I am sometimes afraid of taking him off the leash unless he is in a fenced dog park.

My mom and I recently visited the Glenwood Springs dog park and I loved it and so did my dog. The park was fenced in and I was not afraid to let my dog off the leash. I used to live in Carbondale where there are two dog parks, and I think Aspen is really missing out.

One day in Aspen while walking past Wagner Park, I saw a dog owner throw a tennis ball for the dog and the ball bounced into Durant Street. Luckily, the dog did not get hit by a car because the people in the cars stopped.

The whole reason I am writing this letter is to try and get a fenced dog park in Aspen and there are so many dog owners in Aspen who would agree with me. People without dogs will appreciate the dogs in a designated park instead of Wagner or Rio Grande parks.

Maybe the dog park could be in a park that is never visited. It would be nice to have a dog park that is fenced in with a fake fire hydrant and some benches so dog owners can sit. Also, it would be kind of cool if there were little jumps. My best friend sets up jumps for her dog with homemade materials. It would be even better if the jumps were in the dog park. And of course, the dog park would have little signs that say, “Please pick up after your dog.”

I think this would be a great move for Aspen.

Emma Dominguez


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