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Letter: Aspen loses a great advocate

Aspen loses a great advocate

Even before I knew Helen, I had such admiration for her. Her political career was impressive and her continued involvement in politics and her contributions to so many nonprofits was remarkable. Some of her initiatives and decisions may have been controversial, but it was always clear that she had Aspen’s interest at heart and was striving to retain and continue the uniqueness, the appeal, the greatness and the fun of living in Aspen.

Through the campaign last spring I sought her help and advice and considered it a privilege to get to know her better. Since the election there have been more and more opportunities to work with her, opportunities to ask for advice, for input, and for her opinion. All this information was offered in a straightforward way, well informed, with great clarity, and with a wicked sense of humor.

Last week lost a great advocate for Aspen, a wonderful and inspiring personality, and a good friend.

Ann Mullins


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