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Letter: Aspen is fortunate to have museum

Aspen is fortunate to have museum

I moved out of Aspen 41 years ago and have only come back maybe 25 times since. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and really love the art scene.

It seems to me like a bunch of people are bitching a lot about the new Aspen Art Museum. I was lucky enough to be there at opening night and had a really great time! The turtles seemed happy, healthy and taken care of. The large letters in the front of the building were tasteful, clean and temporary. The acoustics where the pianos were placed were amazing. The art was nice.

The best thing I enjoyed was the rooftop view and service. I am just a regular Joe and felt like anyone could go and enjoy that amazing, world-class public space! I have never heard so much complaining about an art space in my entire existence. Sure, change is hard, but at least it isn’t another private, wealthy residence. I cannot wait to go back and order a latte and chill with that amazing view and check on the turtles and enjoy some art!

Most towns do not have anything close to what you all have, so stop complaining about it and at least check it out.

Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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