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Letter: Appreciation to Skico

Last week, Aspen Skiing Co. conducted its annual ski-patrol medical refresher at the Wheeler Opera House. The healthy mix of some 160-odd bright, new patrollers and salty veterans is a ritual late fall gathering now in its fourth decade. These men and women meet for two days to renew their first-responder skills through a syllabus of topics all geared toward supplying the highest level of patient care. Inspiring paramedics, surgeons, patrollers and doctors from around the state present topics from traumatic brain injury to frostbite. In the mix of caregivers are now mountain rescue personnel, rangers and other members of the community committed to maintaining that quality care.

Over the decades, likely thousands of ski patrollers have been educated and certified in the Emergency Medical System through Aspen Skiing Co. and Colorado Mountain College’s programs.

I would venture that this valley has one of the highest ratios of trained first responders to citizens in the nation.

This collateral benefit of living in a ski valley also speaks to the commitment of the ski company to the quality of life in the Roaring Fork Valley. This is a special community we all share.

John Armstrong


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