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Letter: Anti-fracking hypocrisy

Anti-fracking hypocrisy

Randy Fricke states, “The flames coming out of our water faucets do not lie” (“A voice for those harmed by gas industry,” Letters to the Editor, Glenwood Springs Post Independent, March 28). Within a mile of where Fricke lives, a friend of mine built a home in 1977. He drilled a water well, and it had methane gas in it (naturally occurring). This was decades before there was oil and gas development (and fracking) in this area. My friend enjoyed putting on a demonstration in his kitchen sink where he would actually light the water on fire. My friend, as folks did back in those days, dealt with the issue by figuring out how to separate the gas from the water. If this happened today, I can only imagine the allegations and conclusions Fricke would jump to, because, as he self-assuredly states, “flames coming out of our water faucets do not lie.” I would agree with Fricke that there is a lie, but it’s not coming from the faucet.

The industry and the regulators of the industry continually strive to lessen the negative impacts of developing oil and gas. Of course, our country also needs to lessen its carbon footprint and develop other sources of energy (I’m guessing Fricke is not a big supporter of nuclear power or hydroelectric plants, either). Until solar, wind or some other source of energy is perfected, natural gas is the obvious bridge fuel to our energy future. Natural gas is cheap, it is plentiful, and it is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel. Oh, it is also the primary product being developed in Garfield County by the industry Fricke wants to drive away. He says he sleeps well because he does not poison water, etc. This hypocrisy, of enjoying the benefits and comforts that natural gas provides while demonizing the people who provide it and regulate it with falsehoods like “flames coming out of our water faucets,” is tiresome. Evidently he would prefer to get his energy from Third World countries that have no environmental regulations. Perhaps Fricke would sleep even more soundly if he would forsake all hydrocarbons and the products produced from them.

Kent Jolley

Glenwood Springs

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