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Letter: Another referendum?

It is incredulous that the city is selling its 1 megawatt hydro electric turbine and abandoning the FERC process when it is coming up short on its Canary Initiative. This jeopardizes its most historic senior water rights from 1896. The recent election results were advisory only and very, very close. The election was marred by a campaign of misinformation featuring dry California stream beds complete with red woods. It is hard to believe that the local voters fell for this highly unlikely event when they have the power to turn off the power plant through referendum if the city failed to turn it off itself. State and federal regulatory agencies require minimum stream flows as well. As the last operator of the historic power house and a once avid fisherman, I can state categorically we never compromised the integrity of Castle Creek. If the city council lacks the intestinal fortitude to rectify this situation themselves, they can expect a referendum on the subject!

Jim Markalunas


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