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Letter: An Oath of Office or Treason?

An Oath of Office or Treason?

Vladimir Lenin and Adolph Hitler were duly elected presidents who successfully neutered their nations’ parliaments, making their presidencies dictatorships, free to impose their personal vision through executive actions. Or, as our president describes such total authority: “With the stroke of a pen.”

America has prevailed strong and free for 226 years because our leaders have honored their oath of office to uphold and to protect the Constitution of the United States. This unparalleled Constitution ingeniously set up a governmental structure requiring a “balance of power.”

Balanced power is a strong and independent Congress comprised of different and competing political solutions. Balanced power is a Judiciary devoted to the law, not political ideology. Balanced power is an executive presidency, not an imperial one.

Forty-seven Senators stepped forward to remind Iran and the world that America is a constitutional republic and presidents do not govern at their own will. If their action is treason, then may all Americans prove treasonous.

Shellie Roy


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