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Letter: An idea whose time has come?

An idea whose time has come?

In response to Paul Andersen’s “A new transit hub for Aspen” column (Sept. 30, The Aspen Times), it’s not such a crazy idea to move the bus hub to Main Street and Galena.

I’ve had lots of renters who think that the main bus stop is on Main Steet, and they wind up walking a lot further than they have to.

Using natural traffic patterns, drawing more traffic toward the now-underused parking garage, dovetailing into the Rio Grande repairs, promoting more walking and less bus traffic in the city center — all of this makes sense (a lot more sense then tearing up Wagner for parking or expanding Rubey Park, which both force more traffic downtown.

My only quibble is that’s it’s not out-of-the box thinking. It’s linear thinking (the way normal people think), which certainly has nothing to do with “Aspenthink,” which is voluted — kind of like the endless spinning spiral you see in 1950s sci-fi movie time machine tunnels.

Ziska Childs


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