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Letter: Alone again, naturally

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s hypnotic surrogate, was asked if, now that Trump will be our president, his tweets become more factual. Conway answered that, “To Trump’s supporters there are no facts. What Trump says is a fact, what the media says is a lie.” This explains the gap I’ve witnessed between what my good friends, who are Trump supporters, think and the perspective of folks I know who are not his supporters. There has always been a gap between the right’s information sources and the rest of informed Americans but now the gap promises to become an intraversable canyon as our emboldened Republican representatives and commissioners move alt-right and become more informed by the 3 a.m. tweets of a pathological liar. At his last rally Trump told us, “I don’t need your votes now, maybe in four years, I don’t know, but I don’t need your votes now.” This is Trump speak for, “I’ll be taking care of my billionaire buddies now.” I guess we chumps are on our own again.

John Hoffmann


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