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Letter: Affordable food in Aspen

Someone proposed the idea of putting a fast-food mall in the mining tunnels under the town (“I’d drive 130 miles for a McNugget,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, Jan. 19), and while I thought it was a funny idea, I have an idea myself. How about converting the McDonald’s space into an affordable food mall? It would have a great selection of choices for the various fast-food and healthy eaters and keep in line with the “fast” food concept. The restaurants could share the rent and expenses and provide locals and visitors with an alternative. So, I am not, of course, a city planner, and I did understand that McDonald’s owns the building and it will negotiate the sale. It’s just an idea for a smart someone to buy this property up and provide food and places to eat, meet and sit. McDonald’s served a purpose here for many years. Many of us will miss it — maybe we can find a different purpose.

Karen Murray


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