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Letter: Address the issues, vote Goshorn

This election is not about just about one issue. A mistake on one issue can trickle down to every other aspect of the community. We need to look at all decisions made going forward, not just the version where nothing ever goes wrong. For the 39 years I have lived here, I also realize that the community having goals means nothing if they are not implemented by the elected government. The current system is not functional at this point, and the only way to change it is from within the system. The housing program needs to address all income levels in our entire workforce such as teachers, nurses and service workers and police officers, not just higher incomes. I have seen this community come together in tough times and tragedies and accomplish what many thought was impossible. It is only possible if we can commit to work together and listen to each other to solve the problems and not hope they go away if we ignore them long enough.

“We have to encourage the future we want rather than try to prevent the future we fear,” said Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems.

I am asking for your vote and to help address our issues.

If you have any questions or concerns, call me at 970-948-4379 or email me at marciagoshorn@hotmail.com.


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