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Letter: Add tortoises to Aspen’s animal-abuse list

Dear Aspen,

Might I remind you that you have a long and steeped history of including animals in everything from work and entertainment to fundraising, art and sport? Stop the delusional banter that this particular animal engagement is out of touch with the town’s view of animals.


• Horse-drawn-carriage rides on asphalt.

• Doggie fashion shows for charity (including painted nails and canine clothes).

• Snow polo.

• Dog sledding.

• Forty-one years of rodeo love, including:

— Mutton busting (indoctrinating kids as to how to master an animal).

— Branding.

— Bucking.

— Roping calves to the ground.

• Catch-and-release fishing.

• Alpacas for “petting” at the farmers market.

I implore you to check the hypocrisy at the door.

Marian Peters

Snowmass Village

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