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Letter: A wonderful group of women

A wonderful group of women

“What do you ladies do in those ski clinics?” That’s a question I get quite often on the gondola. I normally respond with a quick “We quilt” or “Exchange recipes,” but the truth is much deeper than that. I’ve never laughed so hard as in a gondola filled with our ski ladies or watching our own 82-year-old Jane demonstrate Zumba in her vintage Obermeyer red onesie at the top of the Cloud 9 lift (she’s still crushing the bumps). We do exchange recipes, but we also get together off slope and cook for one another, we go to opera at the Met and birdwatching owl prowls in Fruita. We recognize each other on the street, we chat, we socialize and we become part of one another’s lives. And ski — yep, we ski together even when there isn’t a clinic. It’s a rare thing to be part of a group that spans ages, nationalities and backgrounds and still shares a common passion. That’s what the Locals Women’s Ski Clinic is — it’s the glue.

If you’re searching for that diversity that is the bright beating heart of the Aspen community, you need look no further than those fabulous Locals Women’s Ski Clinics. Thank you, Teri Olenick-Christensen. I can’t wait for next year.

Ziska Childs


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