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Letter: A welcoming spirit

I have known Gregg Anderson for nearly 20 years. He was actually one of the reasons we chose to move to the Aspen community. His devotion to the growth of interfaith and community programs at the Aspen Chapel really inspired me to continue my own spiritual work. His commitment to including everyone, no matter what traditions they may have, is evidence of his devotion to service and community.

He was the first to welcome the teachings and traditions of the monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery. He brought the teachers of the Spiritual Paths Institute to the chapel and partnered with so many other meaningful counselors, facilitators and educators who enriched our spiritual community. He has a truly welcoming spirit that embodies everything we aspire to be as spiritual beings.

He also selflessly has given himself and his time in moments of joy and grief, ministering to the sick and dying, celebrating life events and uniting couples in holy matrimony. He has been a truly life-changing influence to so many. Thank you, Gregg! You are truly a blessing to this community.

Lexie Potamkin


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