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Letter: A vision for Basalt

A vision for Basalt

Imagine a pedestrian river easement stretching the length of Two Rivers Road (Old Highway 82), connecting downtown Basalt to Willits Town Center with a walking-biking-cross-country-ski-dog walking easement. Perhaps the existing Two Rivers Road might become a one-way for RFTA and local residents and the other lane reserved for non-vehicular, pedestrian use.

Imagine … do a little shopping at Whole Foods, visit Kitchen Collage, browse Bristlecone, then ride your bike to downtown Basalt for a little lunch at any of the fine eateries.

I’ve been stopped many a time by out of town bike riders asking directions to Willits Town Center. Offering an additional, beautiful river easement into Old Town Basalt is an attractive route for bikers and pedestrians, as well as preserves the Roaring Fork River by eliminating unnecessary vehicular traffic from the adjacent Two Rivers Road.

Sue Mozian


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