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Letter: A simple answer

As a young girl, I remember asking my mother why she would vote “yes” to a tax hike that wouldn’t do anything for her personally. Her reply has stuck with me for 30 years:

“Jennifer, there are two things you should always say ‘yes’ to. You always vote ‘yes’ to things that support seniors because they once took care of us, and you always vote ‘yes’ on things that support children because they will someday take care of us.”

It sounds so simple. And yet it makes sense. The Roaring Fork School District bond issue is more than just buildings and remodels, bricks and mortar. It is about building a strong foundation for our kids to stand on so that they grow to be intelligent, respectful, compassionate, hardworking, loving, fun members of our community. And one day, who were once little children in new schools will switch roles and tuck you in at night. And you will thank them.

Vote “yes” on 3B. It’s good for all of us!

Jen Rupert

Roaring Fork School District board candidate, Old Snowmass

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