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Letter: A rec center to call their own

A rec center to call their own

For those who are still on the fence about voting in favor of the Crown Mountain rec center, here’s another perspective from a longtime midvalley resident.

When my kids were little, Crown Mountain Park didn’t exist. Just a field of dreams. I remember passing through Delta and taking my kids to their wonderful rec center, with an indoor pool, gym, etc. Lot’s of people and families having fun. Delta, of all places (no offense), almost 20 years ago had somehow built this great facility for their community. They must have realized that providing safe, healthy, fun activities for their residents was incredibly valuable.

My kids didn’t have a community rec center, so they created their own (a skateboard park), in one of the old agricultural buildings next to Crown Mountain. Totally unsafe! My son just broke his wrist, but another child died. Very tragic, and it didn’t have to happen.

I can remember thinking, if Delta can afford a rec center, why in heaven’s name can’t the midvalley? That was almost 20 years ago, and our growing midvalley community still doesn’t have a safe indoor place for people of all ages to play, exercise and have fun. Don’t you think it’s about time? Please vote “yes” for the Crown Mountain rec center.

Jackie Chenoweth


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