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Letter: A place for the people

Localize and befriend Basalt before developers clean up.

Basalt, please don’t seek the mediocrity prize for the most “successfully developed” and “three-way sprawled” a once-charming, small Colorado town can become. There is no need to fill the prime riverfront property with additional high-priced buildings looking for businesses to serve up economic success stories for a lucky few capitalists. Why not just make a great outdoor park that serves as a venue for music events and other attractive public gatherings, like what Telluride finds so beneficial?

Let Basalt be something really different from Aspen. Basalt doesn’t need to be just one more vacation destination.

Localize and befriend Basalt before it is too late. Make our town a place for people to enjoy, not for beds to be filled.

Harvie Branscomb

El Jebel

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