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Letter: A park the valley will envy

There is an old adage, “Buy land as they are not making more of it.” If developers were in charge, there would not be a Central Park in New York City, Grant Park in Chicago or Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Basalt has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop a unique and lasting park on all the former Pan and Fork property.

According to the paper, 40 percent of respondents preferred a park. And yet, when the three final proposals were released, all had development on the land. Logic would seem to dictate that at least one would have been for a park.

Basalt does not need 235,000 square feet of development that is four stories tall. This is three times larger than the new hotel going up by Whole Foods!

A park planned to take advantage of the riverfront location will be a legacy for future generations and a reminder that the citizens of 2015 had the courage to preserve natural beauty and say no to an oversized and inappropriate development. I believe that in Basalt there exists many talented individuals who could help design, build and pay for a park that will be the envy of the valley.

Bill McEnteer


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