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Letter: A modest investment for Basalt’s future

A modest investment for Basalt’s future

A “yes” vote on Basalt’s ballot question 2B will provide the quickest path to rewards from river improvements. The $5 million in bonds accelerates the completion of flood mitigation and public parks on the Roaring Fork River downtown.

Already underway, the process realizes a good part of the River Master Plan, produced by years of community involvement.

Approving the bonds speeds completion of the project and keeps the riverfront from looking like a construction zone for many years. It is a modest investment in the economic sustainability of downtown with little likelihood of a sales tax increase.

No matter where you live in town, having a vibrant economy and riverfront parks are in everyone’s interest.

Concerns about height, mass and density of a possible hotel complex should be considered later, at the planning commission and the Town Council.

Let us get through the process in the shortest possible time by voting “yes” on 2B.

Bernie Grauer


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