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Letter: A missed opportunity for hydro

I must express my deep disappointment in the lack of fortitude by Aspen City Council in regards to prioritizing the restoration of clean hydro-power. Except for Mayor Steve Skadron, our city council seems unable to stay the course against the false winds of misinformation and selfish “NIMBY” interests.

By deceptive advertisements and with much false information, the opponents skewed the recent 2013 election results of an advisory question by a very narrow margin. Overwhelmingly approved in 2007, the Castle Creek hydro project, which has incorporated proper safeguards to protect minimum stream flows, is still a good project. It saddens me to know that the restoration of clean hydro-electric generation on Castle Creek is jeopardized because of selfish interests.

My challenge to the opponents of clean energy, and all the residents of Aspen on this Earth Day, 2014, is to “show us the energy.” We all can save by “non-consumptive use.” To paraphrase an old saying, “A kilowatt saved is a kilowatt generated.” Show us your “non-watts” and how we can save Aspen.

If you are opposed to generating clean power, it is your responsibility to conserve it.

Jim Markalunas


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