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Letter: A man of substance

Aspen is a place of great art, music, science and drugs. With a rich history and a storied past, there has always been an allure to this town, many an afternoon spent by brilliant minds housed in the bodies of ski bums, sitting in the sunshine relishing life’s beauty. Unfortunately, it’s also a town of insecure, posturing little douchebags. You just have to take them with a grain of salt — or no, wait, that’s the margaritas. How does the saying go?

Right now, they have their sights set on Lee Mulcahy. Lee is not only a great artist but a man of integrity (partly why he stands out in Aspen). This contingent is hell-bent on making him leave, but I hope the more they push him, the deeper his heels dig in. We could use a few more men of substance in a town this size.

Jeannie Perry


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