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Letter: A heartwarming gesture

The volunteers who worked Tuesday’s shift at the Aspen Thrift Shop this week would like to thank the mysterious gentleman who showed up at the back door of the shop bearing an incredibly delicious and plentiful hot lunch — not to mention cookies and banana bread!

Our endlessly varied workdays at the Thrift Shop are a privilege and a pleasure. We have lots of fun together and experience a fantastic slice of Aspen life, with dozens of locals, passing tourists, music students and any number of others coming in to leave donations and enjoy the hunt for our highly affordable treasures. And, of course, we have the huge satisfaction of knowing that the money we make helps support hundreds of nonprofits throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.

But running a shop as busy as ours is pretty tiring, so to receive an unsolicited boost, like this lovely, anonymous gift on a gray and rainy day, made us all feel incredibly happy and appreciated.

Thank you, sir, and thanks to this wonderful community, for making the Thrift Shop such a special place.

Katherine Sand


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