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Letter: A compassionate generation

A compassionate generation

The letter from the Basalt Middle School students, “Animal abuse must stop” (Oct. 24, The Aspen Times), reflects a growing trend in America: that we are becoming more aware of our deeper connection to other living beings with whom we share this earth. More importantly, we are beginning to know more fully that animals have sensitivity to much of the same treatment we humans experience: comfort, pain, contentment, discomfort, anxiety, fear, joy, playfulness and on and on. These occur in all animals whether they be companion animals, those held for food production, or those in the wild.

I am thrilled and uplifted knowing we have a new generation of young people, as represented by our middle schoolers, who “get it.” I wish them well, thank them for their awareness, and urge them to stay involved. They can bring about change. We all can.

Visit the website for the Humane Society of the United States (hsus.org) for all kinds of information and ways to help.

Charlie Cole


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