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Letter: A call for resignation

A call for resignation

It’s been five years already and it seems the Obama administration is hellbent on trying to top the last outrage with a new one.

Witness the recent closing of the war memorials and turning away our military heroes while Obama-supporting immigrants and outright illegals get a free pass to meet on the mall. Terrific.

And then our secretary of Defense hides under his desk and passes the buck “under advice from the lawyers” as the families of fallen military are denied death benefits.

I hesitate to even write his name, as he doesn’t merit that level of recognition; in my estimation he doesn’t deserve to push the wheelchair of the many vets that were at the memorials.

I find his involvement in this matter pathetic, reprehensible, deplorable.

This was a sickening and heartbreaking stain on the administration that continues to attempt to inflict as much pain as they can during the sequestration and government shutdown.

Join me in calling for the secretary to tender his resignation immediately.

Rich Wontor


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